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Reiki Level II Certification

Pre-requisites: Reiki Level I. Must have taken Reiki I at least 3 months prior.

A one day class where you will:

- Deepen your awareness of Reiki energy.
- Explore the esoteric, intuitive, and mystical aspects of Reiki.
- Be introduced to and learn how to incorporate 3 sacred Reiki symbols into your practice.
- Learn and practice advanced table work and a powerful distant healing technique.
- Learn meditations and techniques to increase your ability to work with the energy.
- Receive the Level II Attunement.
- Learn and practice using various techniques to scan your and another's aura
  (pendulum, byosen  scanning).
- Learn and practice additional Japanese Reiki Techniques.
- Receive a class manual which summarizes the information covered in class.
- Receive a Certificate of Reiki II completion.

Investment: $200.00

A vegetarian lunch is provided as well as herbal teas throughout the class.

Upcoming 2020 Classes:

Saturday, February 8th (9:30am-6:00pm)

Saturday, September 26th (9:30am-6:00pm)

Space is limited, so please register early. Must have taken Reiki I at Least three months prior.

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