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During a Reiki session, practitioners gently place their hands along specific sites of the body. Reiki is always done in a respectful, caring manner and can be adjusted for anyone who has difficulty with touch. Reiki passes through clothing, casts and surgical dressings. Recipients remain fully clothed during Reiki treatments. It's important to note that recipients do not receive any of the practitioner's energy but rather draw whatever healing energy is needed through the practitioner's hands. Receiving a Reiki treatment is best approached with an attitude of openness, with no particular expectations.

Private sessions last 60-90 minutes. Day and evening sessions are available Monday through Saturday, by appointment only. Customized group, home, and/or hospital sessions can be arranged. Lorraine is also available for House Clearings and Blessings. To schedule your appointment or to inquire about the services, please call 
(631) 235-4154 or email

Cost of Session: $90.00
Package of 4 Sessions: $300.00 (18% savings)

Special Discounts for those undergoing treatment for cancer