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Buddhist say, 'when the student is ready the master will appear.' The master for me and many other students has been in the form of Lorraine Austin. She is a skillful teacher, patient, kind and knowledgeable about spiritual, psychic, and intuitive topics. She is present with you and for you both during and after class. The classes are interesting, informative and leave you wanting more and more. Her guided meditations are life changing. Having her as a Reiki Teacher has been transformative and her generosity of spirit is like a warm blanket softly wrapped around you on a cold morning. L. Skolnik, LCSW

I have been attending classes with Lorraine Austin for more than two years now. I was trained by her throughout my Reiki Training and I am now a Reiki Master Teacher. I have also attend her Intuitive Development Classes and various Advanced Healing Workshops. I always look forward to learning new things in her classes! Lorraine is an excellent teacher who makes even complicated topics simple and approachable. I rely on her as a great resource because of her tremendous knowledge and experience. It is not very often that you find someone so genuine, and knowledgeable as well as being a gifted teacher. Lorraine goes the extra mile for her students, and I highly recommend her services.

With Love & Gratitude,
C.H., Reiki Master Teacher

After taking many classes with Lorraine, I was so happy to hear that she was offering an, Oils & Crystals workshop. I didn't know quite what to expect, but I came out truly elated for all that I had learned. The subject matter far exceeded any expectations that I might have had in what I thought I would be receiving.  It is clear that she invests much time & effort researching her subject matter so you know you are receiving information that is accurate and easy to follow and always leaves you feeling that you wouldn't have found any more information on the topic if you would have researched it yourself. Her crazy, zany, fun and compassionate delivery gets you charged up to learn and enjoy the process along the way.

Thank you Lorraine for offering such an enticing & interesting menu of workshops & classes and for your passion, excitement & willingness to teach and share. I could sign up for workshops closer to home, but Lorraine is worth the drive no matter where you are coming from.


Lorraine has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I came to Lorraine for Reiki in order to get help with emotional healing. She has such a good soul. She helped me get rid of negative energy instantly and has given me a feeling of self-worth.  Reiki has given me focus and direction. After each session I feel lighter and well balanced.

Lorraine offered Reiki to me when I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. 
My Reiki sessions with her have not only helped me deal with the pain but has also helped me stay focused on beating this disease.  It is amazing that Lorraine can generate and direct the required energy that made the remarkable improvements on my condition.

Being exposed to Reiki from Lorraine sparked my interest in taking classes so that I can help myself as well as others. Her classes were not only educational, they were inspirational. The benefits of my Reiki experience with Lorraine has influenced my life in ways I never expected.


Lorraine's talents are immeasurable.  She is a Reiki Master - in her ability to help people heal, to help people learn Reiki, and encourages people to develop and rely upon their own intuitive abilities.  She has a pure heart and aims to give her best to her friends, clients and students.  She is wonderful and I highly recommend her!  -


When thinking of Lorraine, only the most beautiful words of love, compassion, empathy and joy come to mind. She is truly one of the special light workers placed here with a special mission to heal.Those who are fortunate enough to come into her life are never the same. They change, they grow, they prosper abundantly in their ability to give and receive love....and eventually to share that love with others. 
I personally feel blessed to have  Lorraine in my life for the past seven years....she has  been a teacher, a guide, an angel, a healer and a friend.

Maureen Ed.D.            (translation, Doctor of Education)

Lorraine has healed me both physically and emotionally.  In her kind discreet way she has taught me to open myself up to things I never imagined! Through her use of both Reiki and Raindrop techniques she has helped me reverse the damages done by my rheumatoid arthritis.  My doctors prescribe medications to slow the progression of my RA but claim there is no way to reverse the damage.  I must be a medical miracle because my nodules are shrinking and some have even disappeared totally!  I attribute this to the essential oils used in my Raindrop treatments.  My inflammation levels are now in the normal range and I live a pain free lifestyle now. Reiki helps keep my mind and body in balance.  The combination of the two is invaluable to me!  Lorraine is a rare gem that has a true healing talent.